Day Hunts


Migration Day Hunts

Migration Hunts and Day Hunts are for the hunter that wishes to sleep in a warm bed and partake in the local cuisine of Pagosa Springs. Maybe even amble down to the hot springs for a good soak in the healing waters.

Stay in a motel, meet your guide in the early morning hours. You will then be transported to a designated parking spot and travel by foot or horseback depending on the need. Spend your day hunting with your local guide in areas that produce quality animals during the late seasons - 3rd and 4th rifle seasons.

Once the snow comes, elk move out of the high country but are still hard to find and hunt.  Sometimes knowing that special spot to hunt can make the difference between a hunter harvesting an animal or not.  If you are not familiar to the area, why spend the short amount of time that you have scouting?  Let us guide you to this areas that might take years to stumble into and have the knowledge of a local guide tome around if the elk are not there.  CHO has a vast amount of forest service usage and permitted locations so our guides can take you there.  

What is provided....

The hunts are a minimum of three days, but can extend up to 5 days, if available.  Hunter(s) are responsible for their own lodging.  We will meet you in the early morning with a sack breakfast and snack.  There typically is a break midday and we meet up again for the afternoon hunt.  Field dressing and packing of your animal are included.  

$700/hunter per day