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Our Services

2 Hour Horseback Ride
The two hour trail ride leaves our stable and winds through the National Forest on its way to the Ice Caverns. It takes approximately one hour to get to the fissures; the trail is non-aggressive and offers great views of Williams Gorge and the Piedra Valley.

The overlook provides a great photographic opportunity of Williams Gorge and Sandstone cliffs. Truly a great ride for the entire family.

4 Hour Horseback Trail Ride
The four hour trail ride leaves our corral and winds its way along the Middle Fork Road for about a mile. It then meanders throgh the National Forest to Big Meadow. It is here in Big Meadow that we will have a twenty minute break. After dismounting, you will view the east range which includes Toner Mountain, Pagosa Peak and others. The meadow is surrounded by Aspens, Pines and Gamble Oak. Truly a beautiful place to have a snack and enjoy the peace and quiet.

All Day Rides
The all day ride is truly an adventure for those that wish to see the wilderness. No cars, phones or hurry. You will leave one of the local trailheads and travel along a well maintained trail until you cross the border into the Weminuche Wilderness.

From there, the trail is as it was decades ago when the early adventurers traveled it into the far reaches of the mountains. The ride takes you along beautiful views and through great stands of Aspen and Pines. You never know what you will see rounding the next corner.

In today's environment there is no better way to relax than atop a gentle horse while soaking up the beauty of the winderness. This country is still known for its abundance of wildlife and that rare thing that we all feel connects us to Wild Places.

Overnight Wilderness Pack Trips
Crazy Horse Outfitters and Guides have been servicing the Weminuche Wilderness for 2 decades. CHO is in the main stream of providing a full accompaniment of rides, trips and adventures that are surpassed by none.

Our tents and equipment are upgraded every few years and offer the best in back- country accommodations. Comfort is a must when one has exerted the amount of effort needed to enjoy the high elevations fo the Rocky Mountains.

The Weminuche Wilderness boasts its great abundance of Big Game, Elk, Deer, Moose and many others. It is also the home of the re-introduced Canadian Lynx as well as mountain lions and bobcats. Make no mistake; the Weminuche Wilderness is still considered a WILD PLACE.

There are no motorized vehicles there; it is only those that have the endurance to hike in or those that have horses to travel the back country. Our pack trips and Continental Divide Ride offers some of the most outstanding views of the rocky Mountains imaginable.

Base Camp Trips
Ride into the old west, leave the modern world behind and enjoy the solitude of the wilderness. Our base camp is located at 10,600 feet above sea level and offers great views and a full menu of activities from the camp. Horseback riding for the day, fishing at high country lakes and streams, hiking or just sitting and watching the sun set on the 13,000 foot majestic peaks.

Bring your sleeping bag, personals, camera, rain suite and time. Please consider at least 3 days in the wilderness.

The Continental Divide Ride
Follow the continental Divide Trail just as the Spanish conquistadors did on top of the world. See the Rocky Mountains from 12,000 feet on the back of a horse.

This is a progressive ride and travels to a different camp site each night. The highlight of this trip is visiting the Spanish Window and Rio Grande Pyramid. Hear stories of how the travelers while crossing this country from Santa Fe on their way to California found gold and Indians. This is a 5 day trip and spends its last day and night at our base camp for a grand meal before exiting the following day.

Backpacker's Serenity
We pack in your equipment while you hike and enjoy the breathtaking Rocky Mountains.

We do the heavy hauling so your exhilarating hiking experience is one of a kind.

One-way pack in or round trip support is at your discretion.
Let our horses carry your packs and you hike in and relax!

The High Elevation Hunting Camp
Make no mistake; the high elevation hunting camp is a privilege that most hunters will never experience. These camps are situated at or above timberline and offer the very best in elk habitat. The hunting is hard and the air is thin, but for the hard core elk hunter it is the challenge of man verse mountain. Hunt in the high mountain canopy’s of conifer stands. Sit above timberline glassing below you for that heard of illusive elk. See big horn sheep in their natural habitat. Watch for the moose in the beaver lakes below you. This is also bear and lion country, these camps have it all.

Imagine the pictures and stories that originate from these types of adventures. Watch elk cross open tundra and disappear into the darkness of solitude that the high elevation timber provides.

Our base camps are fully equipped to handle the most vigorous wilderness weather and hunting situations that mother nature can present. Base camps are at 10,600’ as well as 9,600’. Camps are utilized according to hunter abilities and elk activities.
CHO’s base camps are premier wilderness camps which can only be accessed by means of foot or horseback. That means no 4 wheelers or off road walk in hunters. The setting is that which was portrayed in the movie Jeremiah Johnson when he shot his first bull elk with a Hawken Rifle or when Ole Grizz put the bear in the cabin with Jeremiah.

In this day of shrinking habitat and hunting lands it is hard to find that solitude and privacy which creates that once in a lifetime experience. The wilderness is the last public land which offers this solitude.

Contact us today to build that once in a lifetime adventure.

Premier Base Camp Hunts (Wilderness)
Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle Seasons Guided

In today’s economy many hunters can no longer afford this privilege. However it offers fewer visitors and a greater opportunity for hunting in the vastness of the Rocky Mountains.

This provides those that have the ability the opportunity to enjoy that primitive atmosphere that compelled the mountain men of yester year to become those famous men of the past. From gold mining to hunting, the wilderness camp is as close to the historical wild adventure possible today.

All base camps are equipped with wall tents, large cook stoves for quick food preparation, cots with pads as well as all the necessary camping equipment needed for that comfortable stay in the backcountry.

CHO’s guides are locals that have been hunting elk in the general area for many years. They understand the hardships and techniques of hunting the illusive wapiti.
After your elk is on the ground they will handle the necessary work of preparing it for packing out. In the event that you wish to have your trophy mounted they will assist in making the head and cape ready for the taxidermist. Once your animal is ready it will be packed to the base camp and then on to the processor or designated destination.

Wake up in the morning to a hot breakfast prepared for you, your guide is ready for the hunt. Place your lunch in your day pack and off you go. It is as simple as that.
Contact CHO and let’s go hunting together; it’s the trip of a lifetime. Don’t wait, solitude is just and email or phone call away.

All camps are based on 5 days of hunting, a day to pack in and a day to pack out.  This is a 7 day trip; days may be added for a longer season and more time to hunt. Contact us, or call for details. 970-731-4868

Don't want a guide but want the extras?
How about a self-guided hunt?

Self Guided hunts include the base camp, cook and food. The cook will prepare your meals and tend the camp while you are in the field hunting. You will return to a hot meal and a clean camp with hot coffee. The camp will be well maintained and comfortable. In wilderness conditions there are so many tasks which have to be a part of everyday living in wilderness conditions at altitude.

Why use your time for camp maintenance when you can be out doing what you intended on doing,(HUNTING).

Contact us today and let’s build you the adventure that you have been wanting, an adventure that you will want to share with your family and friends for years to come.
Start making your memories today by calling Crazy Horse Outfitter, 970-731-4868.

All camps are based on 5 days of hunting, a day to pack in and a day to pack out.  This is a 7 day trip; days may be added for a longer season and more time to hunt. Call for details.

For the Adventurous:
Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle Seasons Drop Camps

Full service or self guided not for you, how about the Drop Camp. It is an adventure in its own right. Your base camp will be ready for you to move into upon arrival by horseback.  

Enjoy the seclusion you and your family members or friends will have in the peace and quiet of the wilderness. It is a true bonding experience for those that wish to share meal preparation, camp maintenance and hunting together. A special way of making memories with that special hunting partner.

What better way to share those lifelong stories and adventures than sitting by a camp fire in the high elevations of the Rocky Mountains.

Adventures come in all degrees. This style of camp is for the do it yourself hunters that want to experience it all. From cleaning snow from the tents to gathering firewood. Cooking, cleaning and hunting.

It’s all there for that adventurous group.

So now that you have found what you are looking for here. Contact us today and begin that adventure of a life time. Don’t wait as the dates that fit you the best may sell out. Make your reservations early to capture the dates and camp that best fits your needs.

All camps are based on 5 days of hunting, a day to pack in and a day to pack out.  This is a 7 day trip; days may be added for a longer season and more time to hunt. All Drop Camps are outfitter-supplied equipment and include everything you need for an efficient and comfortable camping experience in the backcountry of Colorado. Call for pricing and details.

Day Hunts and Migration Hunts

Migration Hunts and Day Hunts are for the hunter that wishes to sleep in a warm bed and partake in the local cuisine of Pagosa Springs. Maybe even amble down to the hot springs for a good soak in the healing waters.

Stay in a luxury motel, meet your guide or have him pick you up in the early morning hours. You will then be transported to a designated parking spot and travel by foot or horseback depending on the need. Spend your day hunting with your local guide in areas that produce quality animals during the late seasons.

Once the snow comes elk move out of the high mountains but are still hard to find and hunt. Sometimes knowing that special spot can make the difference between a hunter harvesting his animal or not. If you are not familiar with the area, why spend the short amount of time that you have scouting? Let us guide you to those areas that might take years to stumble in to and have the knowledge of a local guide to move around if the elk are not there.

With CHO’s vast amount of forest service usage and permitted locations our guide’s can take you there. 3 day and 5 day hunts are available. But remember, if you book a 3 day hunt and do not fill an extension of days on your hunt may or may not be available at the time of the hunt.

As a part of your hunt, field dressing and packing of your animal is included.
Once you spend a few days with our professional guides we believe that you will return year after year. We don’t just hunt animals we make lifetime friends. CHO wants you to come back year after year and enjoy the many wonders of hunting in the wilderness of Colorado.

So fill out our information form, drop us an email or give us a call. It’s as easy as that to begin planning that hunt of a life time.

If you've been talking about it for years, this is the time to do it. Public lands are getting harder and harder to find where there is not motorized traffic. True wilderness is the place to find it. CHO has the camp that fits your desires and needs…

CHO will help you plan your menus, make suggestions on the type and quantity of food product to bring. CHO is here to help as your service provider. We pride ourselves on staying at the leading edge of modern day technology incorporated into a historical means of adventure.

It's all here, just pick your adventure. We can take you there.

Packages that include lodging are available.
* Early booking is a must to secure lodging at our location.*
Day hunts include guide(s), field dressing and game packing.






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